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Phil Wright

List of Service Projects to be completed:

  • Remove swamp cooler at Jan Young's house and patch roof and ceiling
  • Water and drain for baptistry
  • Glass installed in doors of the classrooms - security issue
  • Frames around white boards in the classrooms
  • Shelving for cleaning supplies in one bedroom so pantry can be used for kitchen items.

List of Project recently completed:

  • Painting inside parsonage
  • New deck on parsonage
  • Railing installed and painted on new deck on parsonage
  • Ongoing lawn care - it's all looking great
  • Drainage mediation in parking lot - still needs a little work
  • Flooring in Fellowship Hall
  • Back door of church has been replaced
  • Kitchen sink drain in Fellowship Hall has been replaced

If you can do any of this work on a day other than the workdays, just let us know what you're doing and when it's complete.