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Phil Wright

List of projects for June 1 workday:

  • Handicap ramp at congregant's house
  • Fellowship Hall
    • Floor in NW bedroom to be used as the office
    • Paint molding
    • Install molding
    • Put together office furniture
  • Church
    • Run waterline from utility room to baptistry
    • Install drain for baptistry
    • Paint red caution lines on steps to backyard
  • Road Clean Up if time as previously scheduled

List of Ongoing Service Projects:


  1. Rear West Door
    1. Door and trim need to be painted.
  2. Front Door East
    1. Replace existing front door with new commercial steel door.
    2. Paint new steel door
    3. Install new LED floodlight for the front of the church
    4. Install new camera to the front of the church.
  3. Baptistry
    1. Run water from the utility room to front of church using pex under the church crawl space to fill the baptistry.
    2. Run drain from front of church to the outside of the church.
    3. Address the stair height and safety to get into the baptistry safely and modestly.
    4. Robes for baptisms.
  4. Sunday School
    1. Doors need to have glass installed in the doors.
    2. White boards need to have frames around them.
  5. Need to fix the WiFi in the church and the Fellowship Hall.

Fellowship Hall

  1. Floor
    1. Complete floor in front east bedroom
    2. Install transitions between rooms.
    3. Use suction blocks to fix areas where the floor has separated.
    4. Install purchased, white 1" x 3" molding in rooms.
    5. Install quarter-round molding in kitchen.
  2. Miscellaneous
    1. Purchase and install window coverings.
    2. Install lock on middle center bedroom (Church Office).
    3. Paint closets
    4. Add TV(s) for Class rooms and provide Zoom capabilities.
    5. Smoke alarms installed

Outside Maintenance

  1. Yard
    1. Repair the water puddling issues on the northeast corner of the church building.
    2. Red painting on the steps at the rear door.
    3. Move some parking stops in front of the Fellowship Hall.
    4. South gate won't stay closed.

Local Ministry Projects

  1. Remove the swamp cooler from congregant's house and fix the roof.
  2. Install a handicap ramp at congregant's house.
  3. Misc. handyman work at congregant's house

If you can do any of this work on a day other than the workdays, just let us know what you're doing and when it's complete.